The Appalachian State University Academy at Elkin opened in August 2022 in partnership with Elkin City Schools.


The Academy at Elkin is committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, and learner-centered environment focused on the whole person. We empower our learning community to ask questions, explore their curiosities, make connections, and develop skills for lifelong learning.


We empower learners to Question, Understand, Explore, Share, and Try. 

Together, we are on a QUEST!

Core Commitments

  1. Use students’ strengths, interests, and knowledge to develop relevant and integrated content while embracing growth mindset practices.
  2. Promote discovery, inquiry, and critical thinking through authentic learning experiences. 
  3. Incorporate service-learning through meaningful partnerships with the university and local community.
  4. Foster leadership opportunities and increase student agency to develop responsible citizens.

Core Values

The Academy at Elkin's core values of Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Excellence (HIKE) guide our efforts towards sustaining a positive school culture and behavior support system.

Our mini-Mountaineers work individually and collaboratively to demonstrate these values.  Restorative meetings centered on community development and building relationships help us to resolve conflicts and continue to learn together.