Portrait of a Lab School Educator

Academic• Believe that all children can learn and should have equitable access to knowledge
• Meet students relationally before trying to engage academically

Helpful Tip• Demonstrate a passion for teaching
• Be committed to co-teaching
• Work in collaborative teams and take collective responsibility for student learning

Technology• Engage in vertical, horizontal, and cross-curricular planning
• Be committed to sharing students, spaces, and ideas

Service• Create learning spaces that are student-centered
• Seek the root cause behind individual and group behaviors
• Be committed to using inclusive practices

Library• Ensure all instructional strategies and activities are aligned with state standards
• Plan and implement rigorous instruction

Club• Implement with fidelity the curriculum programs that have been selected by the school
• Seek out engaging and innovative ways to teach

Visit• Recognize that the person who is doing the most work is the person who is doing the most learning
• Analyze student learning data to promote student growth

Locality• Embody a growth mindset and regularly seek out feedback
• Look for ways to improve your craft so that we can offer the best possible experience for our students